Friday, 8 March 2013

Tissue Paper Flowers

Hi Everyone

It's Mother's Day this Sunday so why not get the kids making some tissue paper flowers for all those wonderful ladies that have one of the hardest jobs on the planet...

How to make them...
Cut at least 8 rectangles of tissue paper.
(There are 14 approx. 15 x 25 cm pieces pictured here.)

Stack the pieces of tissue up and fold them in a concertina fashion
 (These have been folded at approx 1.5cm.)

Take a piece of green 1mm wire and wrap it around the centre of the folded tissue. Twist it to secure the tissue.

Trim the ends of the tissue into rough petal shapes.

Cut down the folds of the tissue paper to lengthen the petals.
(These have been cut approx. 2.5cm.)

Pull the two ends of the tissue paper sections round until they meet.

Carefully tease the first layer of tissue paper petals up to the centre.

Continue in a similar fashion with each layer of tissue paper.
(Don't worry if, as it starts to fill out, you tear an odd petal or too.)

If a stronger stem is desired, take a piece of 2mm green wire and hook this over the centre of the paper concertina and wrap the ends of the 1mm wire around to secure it.

As the flower starts to fill out, start at the other end by teasing the bottom layer of tissue down and work back towards the middle.

When all the layers of tissue have been separated shape the flower with your hands, teasing petals into position where necessary.

Your finished Mother's Day flower!

These flowers are simple to do and a lot of fun to make so...

Happy Crafting!

Fee x

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