Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Stitches Show 2013

Hi Everyone

What a great show! Everyone was so enthusiastic about the wet felting and of course Efco's fabulous new coloured wires! Here's a photo of the stand - the calm before the storm - as I was practically mobbed the first couple of days...

 I've lost count of the number of felt flowers and beads I ended up making over the course of the 3 day show! Everyone was so lovely and there was a really good buzz! I must say I think my felted poppy proved to be the most popular...

 If you want to know how to create your own check out the Felt Flowers project sheet or, alternatively, 'watch this space' as I will be filming a short video on how to make felt poppies very soon (in fact, just as soon as my new lights arrive!).

At Stitches Efco were also showing their new range of Papp Art alongside their EfcoStone acrylic paints which are great for creating fake stone effects!

This is the large heart bag from their set of three.
It has been painted with gold Efcostone and decorated with a felt poppy and leaves.

This is the large pot again from a set of three.
It has been painted with their crystal quartz Efcostone and decorated with an ivy vine & sunflowers.

The front of this 'LONDON' Papp Art has been painted with white Decoupaint whilst the rest was covered in Lava Efcostone. Efco coloured micro beads were then stuck on the front.

This Eiffel Tower Papp Art has been painted with black Decoupaint and then patches of metal leaf and anthracite Decoupaint Patina applied.

This is the small heart bag from the set of three.
Efco relief paste was applied in thin patches with a spatula. When dry it was base-coated with white Decoupaint. Pink Decoupaint was applied with a baby wipe to give it a patchy finish. The cupcake motif was taken from a napkin and stuck on with Matt Mod Podge.

For a softer, smooth finish apply several coats of Matt Mod Podge before lightly sanding with wet sandpaper.

This is the middle sized heart bag which has been painted with white Decoupaint before Efco Creative Paper Tapes were used to create the striped pattern. The embellishment was created by folding lengths of tape back on themselves and arranging them in a circle before sticking the button in the middle.
With jewellery making still very popular at the moment it was obvious that retailers visiting the show were going to love Efco's new wires but I was impressed with the number of retailers who also saw the potential of their Superfine Merino Wool Tops...

This is Efco's Diamond 2mm Wire which, being auminium, is easy to bend and also very light.
It is ideal for making caged beads - a felt bead has been used as the centre for this one - and with the little 'diamond' nicks in the wire, when viewed from a distance, it almost looks as though it has beads strung on it!

The featured product for next month will be Efco's new range of coloured wires but if you can't wait 'til then here's a little something to get the creative juices flowing...
Inspired by a Camille Sharon YouTube video, this heart pendant has been created using Efco's Embossed Light Pink 2mm Wire.
 Happy Crafting to one and all...

Fee x

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