Saturday, 16 March 2013

Wire Flower Topper

Hi Everyone

Hope you're managing to stay warm despite the horrendously cold weather - a good excuse for staying indoors and crafting! :)

Here's how you can create a wire flower card topper like the one pictured above.

Step 1. Wrap 1mm wire around the Efco roller tube 5 times,
leaving approx 2-3 inches of excess wire at either end.

Step 2. Slide the wire off the tube and holding the rings secure
in one hand use jewellery pliers to put a kink in them.

Step 3. Carefully fan the rings without distorting them too much.

Step 4. Take the excess wire from the top and, wrapping it
around to the back, thread it up through the middle of the rings.

Step 5. Hold the rings secure in one hand whilst you use
pliers to pull the wire tight. Wrap the wire around the rings a
second time, again pulling tight.

Step 6. Take the other wire end and start curling it into a spiral.

Step 7. Keep curling it until you have used up all the excess wire.
Then fold it up and over the front of the flower in the centre.

Step 8. Turn the flower over and trim the excess wire from the end
used to bind it. Use pliers to tuck the cut end into the back.

Step 9. Take a length of green 1mm wire and bend it in half. Thread
the ends through the bottom petals either side of the centre.

Step 10. Twist the ends together a few times.

Step 11. Take one wire and wrap it once around the roller tube.

Step 12. Twist the wires together again a few more times
without removing the roller tube.

Step 13. Slide the wire off the roller tube and use jewellery pliers
to put a kink in the ring.

Step 14. Repeat the process to create another leaf
on the other side of the stem before twisting the wires
a few more times and trimming the excess.

As you can see it's very easy to create the wire flower and stem. Then all you need to do is fix it to your card - I used a hot glue gun.

Happy Crafting

Fee x

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