Monday, 18 March 2013

March's Featured Product

Hi Everyone

The featured product for March is Efco's fab new range of Coloured Wires. There are 21 plain colours in six different styles an 14 duo colours. There's 1mm plain wire and 2mm plain, diamond and embossed patterned wires. There are also 2 flat wires (1mm x 5mm), one which is plain and the other embossed. The range of colours is gorgeous and they all work wonderfully together!

If you've never done wirework before I've got some projects to get you started:

You'll need to invest in some pliers and wire cutters if you don't already have any in your tool kit. It's worth purchasing some of Efco's Protector Tubes too as these will stop the pliers marking the wires. They are plastic tubes which you slide over the ends of your pliers and then heat with a rubber stamp embossing gun to shrink them to fit the ends snugly. (They get damaged over time so will need replacing on a regular basis if you plan to do alot of wire work.)

Here are a few other examples of what you can create when working with wire:

Hope this has inspired you to give it a try!

Happy Crafting

Fee x

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