Thursday, 28 March 2013

March Update

Hi Everyone

Last Saturday I was at the Ideal World studios doing 2 live Efcolor enamelling shows on their Create and Craft channel. Wow, what a day! Martyn and Genevieve were great and the viewers absolutely lovely. They were so enthusiastic that we sold out of most of the kits by the end of the first show which didn't leave me much to demonstrate with in the second! But it was such a great day I didn't mind that the weather had decided to make life difficult and snow, yet again. (I seem to be jinxed when it comes to the weather and traveling to Peterborough.)

Having said that though, I was very lucky when I discovered my car had decided to pack up on me the night before - after all, I could have got stuck half way up the A1 before I found out! After a moment of panic wondering how I was going to get there, I spent a further 30 minutes panicking as I trawled the internet trying to find a car rental firm that could let me pick up the car first thing the next morning. Fortunately, I found one close by and when I arrived to pick it up, was absolutely delighted to receive a free upgrade! I've never driven such a posh car in the UK. The closest I ever got to anything like it was when I drove a Lexus in the States, but even that didn't have a camera in the back that automatically switched on when reversing into a driveway - now that's high tech!

I've just uploaded another wirework project for anyone who fancies trying their hand at jewellery making...

B/0026 - Spiral Pendant

If you prefer larger pendants you can use the same wire wrapping technique but on a larger frame - just use a pot (or anything that is the size and shape you want your frame to be) as your former.

If you prefer smaller pendants you can use small beads as a central feature and then wire wrap around them. For the pendant below, I've used some of Efco's 0.6mm copper core wire and the herring bone wrap.

Here's an alternative version of Project B/0024 - Squiggle Pendant, this time using Efco's Red Gold Duo Wire with a red big hole feature bead.

If you've been getting into wirework like me do please send in photos of your creations as I'd love to see them and I'm sure everyone else would too! You can send them to or post them on the Projects4Crafters facebook page.

'til the next time, Happy Crafting...

Fee x

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