Saturday, 1 December 2012

Efcolor Leaf Windchimes

Hi Everyone

Here's a rather topical project, what with all the leaves turning beautiful colours and falling from the trees. They are easy to create using Efco's Efcolor enamel powders...

EN/0034 - Leaf Windchimes

Materials needed:
Leaf Copper blanks
Efcolor Powders
Efcolor Tealight Stove
Deco Wood
Transparent Thread
Gold Flat Beads
Dekofix Glue
Fine Sandpaper
Pliers & Scissors 

Step 1.  Lightly sand the leaf copper blanks on both sides and wipe them on a clean cloth to remove any grease or grit.

Step 2.  Cover each blank in a good layer of powder, adding touches of other colours as desired. Place them on the tealight stove until the powder has melted. Then remove them & leave to cool.

Step 3.  Turn the blanks over, and repeat Step 2 for the other side, this time placing each blank on the stand to both heat and cool.

Step 4.  Join 2-3 leaves together with transparent thread. Tie knots in the thread and secure with a touch of Dekofix glue. For a stronger finish you can use flat beads squashed with pliers to secure the thread.

Step 5.  Lay the threaded leaf sections out roughly how you would like them to hang in relation to each other. Fix more transparent thread to the top leaves, leaving a long length to attach them to the wood pieces.

Step 6.  Attach the tops of the threads to pieces of wood, using glue to fix them in position. Keep checking how they hang and make adjustments as necessary by sliding the threads along the wood pieces to balance them.

Step 7.  For extra strength use two strands of thread to attach the wood pieces together and to create a hanger for the top piece of wood.

If you'd like a downloadable version of the project go to

Happy Crafting to one and all

Fee x

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