Saturday, 8 December 2012

Efco Storage Jars

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Efco do a range of Storage Jars which are ideal for personalizing! You can create decorative storage for around the home or turn them into attractive, multipurpose packaging for Christmas presents! There are two new project sheets on the glass painting page of Projects4Crafters which use Efco's fab Color Dekor 180.

DP/0020 - Striped Jar

DP/0021 - Floral Jar

Color Dekor is a fabulous product as it makes decorating round objects a breeze. It is paint in sheet form which can be cut or punched. Once baked at 180ºC for 30 minutes it is hand washable. Your finished items will be smooth and run-free!

If you're into home baking and want to give your creations away as presents then the larger storage jars are ideal for packaging your wares...

If you're giving sweeties at Christmastime then you can make them extra special by 'wrapping' them in a unique storage jar. The fir tree felt border was stuck on the jar below with a hot glue gun and then it was finished off with a bow. The Color Dekor range also has black and gold letters so why not personalize the jar first with the child's name on the lid!

If you're looking for a new way to wrap up a selection of toiletries this Christmas then why not try one of Efco's largest storage jars...

This one has diecut straw paper fir trees stuck on, with Efco's Snow Liner adding a touch of snow to the tree tops. It has then been finished off with a ribbon!

'Cookie in a Jar' pressies seem to be very popular this year, so why not make your own by decorating one of Efco's large or medium sized Storage Jars! Here, the word 'COOKIES' and a holly motif have been punched from their Color Dekor 180 sheets and stuck on. Once baked in the oven for 30 minutes at 180ºC it is then hand washable. Leave it to cool before adding your Cookie Mix ingredients. 

There are a range of cookie in a jar recipes available for free at

If you want to use a medium sized jar like the one above rather than a large one you may need to halve the ingredients. I chose the 'Cookie-in-a-Jar I' recipe which would normally make 4 dozen cookies but I halved the ingredients to fit the jar. Don't forget to write out the instructions for making the cookies and attach this to the jar. (If you've halved the ingredients you will have to remember to halve the remaining ingredients on the instructions too ie butter and eggs.) By decorating and personalizing the jar you make that part of the present, a very important part too as the cookies will soon be eaten but the jar will still be there!

There are so many different ways you can decorate storage jars but Efco's Color Dekor is definitely a quick and easy way when you're pressed for time!

Happy Crafting!

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