Wednesday, 19 December 2012

On, Comet! Card

Hi Everyone

Here's a quick little card project for anyone who needs to send a Christmas card to someone they know is going through a bit of a tough time. Sometimes you just need a 'not too jolly' Christmas theme and preferably blank inside for you to write whatever you want (no point saying Happy Christmas when you know that it won't be)...

On, Comet!

Materials Needed:
Efcolor Tealight Stove
Aluminium Circle Blank
Fine Sandpaper
Texture Blue and Silver Efcolor Powders
Large Reindeer Punch
Square Card & Card Offcut
Light Blue Paper
Grand Calibur Die Cutter & Venetian Motifs Die
Fine Silver Tinsel
Dekofix Glue, Double-sided Tape & Scissors

Use the reindeer punch to create a stencil from a card offcut.
Lightly sand the aluminium blank.

Cover the blank with a good layer of Texture Blue Efcolor Powder.

Place the powdered blank on the tealight stove and leave until the powder has melted. Remove from the heat and leave to cool.

Place your stencil over the top of the enamelled blank and cover it with just enough Texture Silver Efcolor Powder to block out the blue.

Carefully lift and slide the stencil over to one side. Place the blank back on the stove to melt the powder and then leave it to cool.

Take a square card and stick a light blue diecut Venetian motif in the centre. (You can use four of the diamond pieces you remove from the points to decorate the corners of your card.) Use double-sided tape to stick the enamelled blank in the centre.

Add touches of Dekofix glue around the edges of the blank.

Stick a piece of fine tinsel to the Dekofix around the edge of the enamelled disc to finish!

Efco's aluminium blanks for their Efcolor low melt enamelling powders are perfect for card makers as they are light and so don't make cards topple over in the same way that copper blanks do. Add a touch of Spellbinders magic to finish and you end up with a very simple but classy card!

For a downloadable version of this project go to the Christmas Card page on

Happy Crafting!

Fee x

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