Sunday, 2 December 2012

Quilled Christmas Decoration

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If you're getting into the festive mood then why not create your own Christmas decorations. There are various project sheets available on the website. Check out:  

However, if you enjoy papercraft techniques then why not try this Quilled Decoration which I've just uploaded to the Papercrafts section...

P/0003 - Quilled Decoration

Materials needed:
Christmas Quilling Set
Dekofix Glue
Transparent Thread
Topaz Acrylic Gems 4mm
Extra Pins

Step 1.  Cut 7 4mm strips of quilling paper into quarters (gold has been used here). (A) Take 4 pieces and create scrolls by curling first one end into a round and then curling the other end in the opposite direction. Make one end slightly larger than the other. The more uniform the shapes are the more symmetrical the finished decoration will be. (Smear a little glue over the ends to help them hold their shape.) (B) Take 4 pieces and curl one end into a round, leaving a 15mm tail. Use your finger nail to gently curl this slightly in the opposite direction. (C) Take 4 pieces and curl one end into a round, this time leaving a 20mm tail. Again curl this in the opposite direction, making the end a slightly tighter curl. (D) Roll 8 pieces into 10mm rounds, gluing the ends of the strips to fix them. Pinch them to create drops. (E) Roll the last 8 pieces into 10mm rounds, gluing the ends of the strips to fix them.

Step 2. Take the 4 scrolls (A) and stick them smaller ends together to create a cross shape.

Step 3.  Take the longer tailed rounds (C) and fix them to the arms of the cross shape by wrapping and gluing the ends around the ends of the scrolls. Fix the shorter tailed rounds (B) to the back of the (C) sections by gluing the ends of the tails to the back of the scrolls and the rounds back to back with the rounds of the longer tailed sections.

Step 4.  Add 2 drops (D) with a round (E) in between the drop points in between each arm of the decoration.

Step 5.  Add the last rounds (E) to the end of each arm. Stick them into the curls of the (C) sections.

Step 6.  Use more Dekofix glue to stick some acrylic gems on. Stick one in the centre of the decoration, one at the beginning of each arm and one towards the end of each arm.

Step 7.  When dry, turn the decoration over and stick gems on the other side. Finish by feeding a length of transparent thread through the top of one arm to create a hanger.

For a downloadable version of this project go to:

Of course, if you like a lot of bling for Christmas, before sticking the gems on in Step 6 you could spray the decoration with spray adhesive and dip it in ultrafine glitter.

You don't have to make your decoration gold either, as you can choose paper and gem colours to tie in with your Christmas theme. 

Happy papercrafting!

Fee x

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