Wednesday, 28 November 2012

November Product of the Month

Hi Everyone

What a busy month November has been. Besides the ongoing work on the new website (almost there!), I also had an enamelling show on Ideal World tv to prepare for. Sadly, the show was 'a bit of a disaster darling' with the air conditioning blowing gale force cold air across the set which meant I couldn't do a single demo! Usually, when enamelling in the studio I can see the powder melting within a minute or even seconds but not one piece lost the powdered look in the whole hour of the show (rather frustating after struggling to land some powder on the blank in the first place!). When I looked at the tealights underneath the flames were positively horizontal! No wonder the stove never got hot. Having said that, the producers were so happy with the samples that I had taken with me and with the fact that despite everything we sold out of the stoves, that they have asked if I would go back and do another two shows. So watch this space to find out when they will be on...

In light of the Ideal World tv show I decided to feature Efco's Efcolor Enamelling as the November Product of the Month. I know it was one of the products I featured on the website when it first started back in 2010 but it never hurts to revisit a product, especially when it has evolved and grown over the years. So here are the new projects to tie in with the Jewellery theme of the show:

At the end of the month you will be able to find these projects along with many other Efcolor enamelling project ideas on the enamelling page of

Happy Crafting

Fee x

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