Sunday, 7 February 2016

Another week, another Hochanda ODS :)

Hi Everyone, A little bit late this week (what, again?! I hear you surprises there then, eh! lol!). In all seriousness, I decided to take an early weekend to recoup after the Stampbord One Day Special on Hochanda TV. There's so much prep beforehand and then a late night launch show (followed by a sleepless night in a hotel due to the thermostat clicking away non-stop) and then a very long day of shows, pre-show meetings and ongoing prep topped off with a late night drive home, woohoo! (I must be getting old as I can't hack the pace like I used to, lol!)

Anyway, another week on and another One Day Special down, this time on that wonderful product... Stampbord. I also had some new mediums to play with along with some stamps and stencils. The Maimeri mediums certainly went down a storm as we sold out of them and had to find some more to last us through to the end of the day. I must say I've certainly gone a bundle on them because you can not only apply them just as they are but also add Pan Pastels to them to colour them up and/or sprinkle ultra fine glitters over the top to add a little sparkle...

Stampbord Pendant

Materials needed:
Domino Stampbord
Stampbord Scraper Tools
Stampbord Inks
Blending Tool
Inspired by Banksy Greatness Girl Rubber Stamp Kit
Large Acrylic Block
Black Staz-On Ink Pad
Clarity Flower Heads Stencil Set
Glassy Gel Medium
Cocktail stick
Ultra fine Iridescent Glitter
(The Stampbord, Tools, Inks, Stamp & Medium are all available from

Step 1.Ink up your Stampbord with a blend of blue and yellow inks, making sure it's nice and wet.

Step 2. Scrunch up a piece of tissue and 'blot' off the excess ink in one motion to create your pattern.

Step 3. Create a hole towards one end of the domino Stampbord using a Crop-a-dile hole punch. (Alternatively you can use a small modelling drill but if doing this is it best to lay another Stampbord piece face down on top of your coloured piece and drill through both, thereby protecting the clay surface.)

Step 4. Ink up the scroll border stamp from the Inspired by Banksy Greatness Girl Kit with black Staz-On Ink and stamp it down the edge of the Stampbord.

Step 5. Once dry, use the scraper tools to scratch highlights into the design.

Step 6. Lay the flower head stencil over the top and spread some Glassy Gel medium through it using a spatula.

Step 7. Use a metal spatula to clean up the edges of the Stampbord, removing the excess medium. Use a cocktail stick or the end of a scraper tool handle to remove the excess medium from the hole.

Step 8. Place the Stampbord on a piece of paper and sprinkle some ultrafine glitter over the top. Tip off the excess and leave to dry. 

Top Tip: Once dry, give it a good rub to remove any loose glitter before using an eye pin to attach it to your necklace chain.

Et voila! 

(If you want to give it added protection you can coat it with another layer of Glassy Gel Medium.)

This is such an easy technique but so effective!

Happy Crafting Everyone!


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    1. It does give it a little touch of glamour doesn't it Jane and the Maimari Glassy Gel makes it so easy to get the glitter just where you want it too! 😊