Friday, 19 February 2016

Efco Cork Fabric is Fab!

I'm afraid it's got to be a quick post this week as I'm packing up to head off to CHSI Stitches tomorrow, but I did just want to share with everyone the wonderful new range of Cork products Efco have launched this year. 

There's compressed cork which I think everyone will recognise, especially if you've ever had cork tiles in your house. However, the really fab stuff is the ultra thin sheets of cork that come either backed with paper or fabric which make them very versatile for assorted craft applications...

Here I've used one of Efco's new Texture Mats (Africa) to stamp an image onto a piece of fabric backed cork which I then cut up and rolled into beads using a dab of glue on the edge to secure them. They were super easy to do and yet very effective!

Happy Crafting everyone (and wish me luck at Stitches!) ;)

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