Friday, 12 February 2016

Daisy, Daisy...

I'm busy getting ready for the UK's big trade show, Stitches, taking place at the NEC next weekend where I will be demonstrating Efcolor techniques, Texture Mats with Cernit polymer clay and Metal Foil Embossing. 

So I thought this week I would share an enamelling project from the Efcolor One Day Special I did for Hochanda TV using the delightful daisy stamp designed by John Lockwood of Creative Expressions...

Rectangle Copper Blank (Efco)
Fine Sand Paper
White Efcolor Powder (Efco)
Efcolor Tea Light Stove (Efco)
Daisy Striplet (Stamps To Die For from Creative Expressions)
Black Staz-On Ink Pad
Transparent Efcolor Powder (Efco)
Swarovski Crystals (3mm & 4mm) (Efco)
Silver Jump Ring and Chain

Step 1. Lightly sand the copper blank. Cover it with a good even layer of white Efcolor powder and heat until the powder has melted and you have a smooth glossy layer of enamel. Remove from the heat and allow to cool. 

(If you find you don't have a super smooth finish you may need to apply another layer of powder and re-fire your blank.)

Step 2. Ink up part of the rubber stamp with Staz-On ink. 

Top Tip: You can use larger stamps when stamping onto Efcolor enamelled just have to work out which part of the stamp image you want to use and make sure you ink up enough of it to cover your blank.

Step 3. Stamp the image onto the enamelled surface, taking care to not to all the stamp to slide.

Step 4. Clean the rubber stamp immediately allowing the ink to dry thoroughly on the enamel.

Step 5. Cover the blank with a thin layer of clear transparent Efcolor powder - just enough to cover it completely and still allow you to see the vague outline of the stamped image.

Step 6. Pop a couple of Swarovski crystals into the Efcolor powder in the flower centres before placing the blank back on the tea light stove to fire.

Step 7. When cool, lightly sand the back to clean it before attaching a jump ring and chain.

Top Tip: It is always best to allow the clear transparent powder to cool slowly at room temperature as rushing it can cause fine cracks to appear.

Hey ho, it's back to play, oops! I mean WORK, I go...

Happy Crafting everyone!

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