Friday, 29 January 2016

Hochanda TV Shows

Well I had a fab time with Ben, Charlie and Hayley at the Hochanda studios! 

Ben's fabulous keyring

Charlie's great dog tag

Hayley's wonderful pendant

Didn't they do well?! And they weren't the only ones to get excited about Efcolor...

This is the lovely Anne (our producer for a couple of the shows) who was desperate to have a go at Enamelling! She and Clare were like kids in a sweetie store in between shows.

It's sad I know but I still never tire of watching the Efcolor powders, especially the glitters, melt... they look like nothing in the tubes but positively come alive as they melt on the tea light stove. For the first time (I think) I tried stamping into hot glitter Efcolor and was surprised with how effective it was!...

Sadly the picture doesn't really do it justice but hopefully you can see that you can get a really good impression even though it's packed full of glitter!

Here are a few other samples I prepared for the shows...

I created this pendant to go with my top for the Monday shows.

This one was also done to match a top. :)

I created this pendant using one of my favourite stencils and a couple of Pantone's Spring 2016 colours.

Efco's 80x80 Efcolor Collage blanks make great card toppers once enamelled or you can use them to decorate scrapbook covers too...

Both of these were made using brass stencils to create the pattern.

I'm busy preparing projects for next week's Stampbord One Day Special now so hopefully will have some new and exciting ideas for you soon!

Happy Crafting!

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