Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Creaflexx film from Efco

Hi Everyone

I've just realised I never posted images of the Creaflexx samples I created for the efco stand at Stitches this year - duh! I think my injured shoulder is affecting my brain!

Creaflexx is a film which is malleable when heated and hardens, retaining its shape, when cool. You can rework it if necessary by reheating it. It can be cut with scissors or a knife and can be shaped around heat-resistant surfaces. (It can even be diecut by some of the stronger dies e.g. the thick dies from Sizzix.) It is available as transparent and white sheets both of which can be coloured using various media e.g. paints, inks etc. As you have to work it whilst hot it is advisable to work on a heat-resistant surface and to wear thin cotton gloves to protect your hands.

As I will be demonstrating a tiny glimpse of the world of possibilities open to crafters when using Creaflexx on Hochanda TV on 25th May I thought I had better upload some photos as inspiration for everyone. So here goes... 

Creaflexx Flower

Alcohol Inked Flower Earrings
(coloured with alcohol inks)

Creaflexx Flower

Creaflexx Flower Ring
(coloured with pearl acrylic)

White Creaflexx Frame Embellishment
(coloured with acrylics)

Creaflexx Bangle
(coloured with tissue paper & Mod Podge)

Creaflexx Gift Bag
(coloured with iZink inks)

Creaflexx Gift Bag (reverse)
(decorated with transparent Creaflexx 
coloured with alcohol inks)

White Creaflexx Box Embellishments
(coloured with acrylics)

White Creaflexx Feather Necklace
(decorated with a napkin)

Creaflexx Poppy
(coloured with alcohol inks)

Creaflexx Flower Pin
(coloured with alcohol inks)

Creaflexx Poppies

New Baby Gift Box
(Creaflexx used to support stamped images & diecuts)

These are just a few ideas of what you can create using Creaflexx. It doesn't matter whether you're into card making, scrapbooking, jewellery making or general arts & crafts I'm sure you'll find a use for Creaflexx! For instance you could even make a suit of armour from it...

I will also be demonstrating Efco's Starshine film which is another fab product...

I hope you can join me on 25th May for the Creaflexx and Starshine show!

Happy Crafting!