Thursday, 25 June 2015

Efcolor Scale Jewellery

Hi Everyone, Sorry there was no post last week - having picked up my nephew from Uni, the sharing caring lad allowed me pick up his nasty virus too which has had me laid up for over a week. :( Hey ho, I'm finally on the mend studio is finally finished! Woohoo! 

This week I have a rather lovely Efcolor project (even if I do say so myself!). I was really pleased with how simple and yet effective this technique is and I hope you like it too...

'Tipping the Scales'

Material List

Scales (from Jewellery Maker tv)
Efco Efcolor Powders - Colours + Clear Transparent
Efco Tealight Stove inc. tools (or kitchen oven)
Efco Metal Leaf (Annealed used here)
Metal Leaf pen (Staedtler) or size (Efco)
Stencil Brush
Jewellery findings - ear wires, eye pins, crystals, chain.
Jewellery Pliers, Flat Nosed Pliers & Wire cutters

If you are new to Efcolor enamelling then check out the info sheet available on!

Step 1.

Place your scales on U Strips and cover them with a layer of your chosen colour of Efcolor powder.

Step 2.

Use a spatula to place the scales on the top of the tealight stove. (You can use an ordinary kitchen oven but make sure it is set to 150ºC. Please note that you will have to purchase the Efcolor tools e.g. Spatula, Hot plate, separately if you don't use the tealight stove.) 

Remove the scales from the heat once the powder has melted.

Step 3.

When cool, cover the scales with another thin layer of your background Efcolor powder. Before reheating apply 1-2 other colours over the bottom area of the scales. (I used light turquoise for the background and golden yellow fading to rose pink on the bottom area.)

Step 4.

Once the second layer of Efcolor powders has melted remove from the heat and allow to cool before applying a little metal leaf size over the bottom area below the hole. (You can use a pen or paint it on with a brush depending on which make you use.) Wait a few moments for the size to go tacky.

Step 5.

Lay a small piece of metal leaf over the size and pat it down. Use a stencil brush to 'scratch' off some of the metal leaf, giving it a distressed look. n.b. If you remove too much, just apply some more leaf and repeat the process, adding more size if necessary.

Step 6.

Cover the metal leaf with a thin layer of transparent Efcolor powder, before replacing the scales on the stove to heat. When the powder has melted, going transparent and glossy, remove the scales from the heat and allow to cool.

Step 7.

To make up the earrings, use eye pins to connect the scales to the ear wires. Thread on a crystal before turning a large loop using jewellery pliers. Trim the excess wire and straighten the loop, making sure that it is at 90º to the small eye at the other end. Temporarily open up the large loop to thread on the enamelled scale and the small loop to thread on the ear wire.

Step 8.

For the necklace you need to use another eye pin but this time make the loops at either end match up. Again use the large loop to attach the enamelled scale and use the small loop to attach the chain.

As you can see these are very simple to make and, if you are careful, there is no need to enamel the backs as the scales are curved meaning you are unlikely to get any stray enamel on the backs. The metal leaf embedded in the enamel will make your jewellery look very lush too!

If you've never tried enamelling before then do have a go at Efcolor cool enamelling as it is comparatively cheap and is also very versatile. Check out the enamelling pages on for more inspiration!

Happy Crafting!

Friday, 12 June 2015

Oh Boy! Am I overdue a blog post or what!?!

The last month or so has been sooo crazy with the builders still here...yes, they're stillllllllll here!!! Will they ever finish I wonder?!?! I don't know what it is about builders but they definitely seem to be a law unto themselves...I'm surprised I have any hair left, having pulled so much of it out! Can someone please tell me why they never seem to finish one job before starting another one? 

Anyway, not long now, as it's the last few bits and pieces that need doing like a second coat of paint on the woodwork, touching up the walls here and there where they've managed to mark or dent them, finishing off the sink unit and plastering (yes, plastering) around the inside of the external door...ooh and fixing the handle on the internal door (funny, but I think I'd find one rather useful). Well that's my excuse for not blogging for over a month! Hey's an update on progress so far...

The last slab is laid at last!

Looking good with just a little pointing, weather striking and 2nd coat of stain in a few places to go on the outside.

At last there is an internal door (though no handle as yet) and the sink unit and plumbing is in (almost!).

My short break in the South of France was lovely, although it seems like a lifetime ago now! I didn't get much crochet done in the end but took loads of photos as inspiration for future projects. :) Here's a couple of murals I spotted in Cannes...hmm maybe I should think about doing some in my new studio...(lol)

This one's clever...

But this one's my favourite...

I'm a sucker for the movies. many famous stars of the silver screen can you recognise? (I think I know about 30 in all, including the man in the moon - not sure who the two chaps are to the left of Harold Lloyd or who the couple are to the left of Mickey Mouse. I think I recognise the chap but can't think of his name. Same too for the woman next to Laurence Harvey.)

Working whilst all the building work has been going on has been somewhat of a trial to say the least, but yesterday was so gorgeous I decided it was time to sit outside in the sunshine and top up my vitamin D whilst making up some earrings with some of my Efcolor enamelled scales and crystals...

There's still many more colour combinations I could do...with Efco's Efcolor powders there are never-ending possibilities! 

To create your own, first basecoat your blanks with one colour of Efcolor powder. When cool, cover with another thin layer of powder before adding one or two more colours at one end and reheating. When cool, apply some metal leaf, add a thin layer of transparent powder and then reheat. When cool, use eyepins to add a crystal and connect the scales to the earwires.

I do hope you all enjoyed the sunshine while it lasted...fingers crossed we get more throughout the summer. :)

As always....happy crafting!