Wednesday, 17 October 2012

A little more Christmas Inspiration...

Here are some variations on this month's Christmas Decoration Theme:

This felted heart is easy to create using an Efco polystyrene heart as the base. Needle felt it with red wool, tie a gold ribbon around it and push a plastic hanger into the top for the cord.

This pink bauble is made using a polystyrene ball as a base. It was divided it up into quarters which were then felted with pink and purple wools. Silver ribbon was fixed with pins and beads. The felt stars were attached by needle felting them to the wool background and gems were added with Dekofix glue.

You can create striped effects by felting a polystyrene ball with a base colour and then laying thin sections of wool fibres over the top which are then felted to the base using a felting needle. Ribbons, beaded pins, sequins and gems are then added for extra decoration.

Efco's plastic drops are a beautiful shape and, provided you use small napkin motifs, they can still be decoupaged in the same way as the bauble in Project SO/0008M. You don't have to crackle the painted background if you don't want to and you can add a decorative ribbon as a finishing touch if desired. To make it hold is twirly shape use tiny pieces of double-sided tape to stick it to the plastic bauble.

If you prefer your Santa to have a more traditional look with his hat folded over rather than standing to attention as in Project SO/0010M just thread the cord through the centre of the felt for the hat rather than the tip. That way you can fold it over, using a dab of glue to hold it in place, and add a small white pompom at the tip.

 It doesn't matter whether you prefer a more contemporary look for your decorations or more traditional colours, if you use Efco's wire stars as a base, you can create you own beaded decorations to tie in with your chosen theme.

I hope these decorations have inspired you to have a go at making your own this year. You could even make it a family event by getting the kids involved! If you need a little help to get started check out this month's Product of the Month page at

Happy Crafting!

Fee x 

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Christmas Decorations for October!

Hi Everyone

This month there isn't a featured product as such, but more of a 'Christmas Theme'...

 Decoupaged Bauble


Father Christmas

Felted Bauble
Using Efco's fab range of polystyrene shapes, plastic 2 part baubles, cotton balls and extensive decorative elements and embellishments you can create truly unique and diverse decorations. Check out this month's Product of the Month page for instructions on how to complete the featured decorations above. For inspiration on creating other Christmas decorations such as 'fir cone choirboys' check out the Special Occasions page. Alternatively, if you're into beads, why not try one of the bejewelled wire stars like the one below which can be found on the Beading page.

There's nothing like unpacking the family Christmas decorations and finding ones created years ago by the children, so why not start creating memories for the future by making one of this month's projects with your own children.

Happy Crafting everyone!

Fee x