Sunday, 26 February 2012

Stitches 2012

Hi Everyone

Stitches 2012 - What a great show! Such lovely people and such wonderful enthusiasm for the new Efcolor Collage range of aluminium blanks which mean you can now make beautiful enamelled mini books, off-the-page scrapbook items, decorations and collages.

It was absolutely crazy Sunday and Monday, but luckily it took a little while to get going on the Tuesday which meant that Sue and Nick had a chance to have a go with the fabulous new Efcolor techniques. There will be project sheets showing you how to create the new effects and the many possibilities now available with the new aluminium blanks soon! Why not ask your local retailer if they were one of the many new customers who decided to order the Efcolor range at the show - you may be pleasantly surprised!

Happy Crafting!

Fee x

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Top Tip when using Alcohol Inks

Hi Everyone

Here's a top tip for anyone who use Alcohol Inks:

If you find that the felt pad doesn't appear to be adhering to the Ink Applicator it is probably because you have used it a lot and fibres from the felt, over time, have built up in the hook Velcro. Take a pair of scissors and carefully run one arm through the Velcro, lifting out the fluff. Repeat this action in every direction until there are no more fibres. You should then find the applicator grips your felt pads tightly again!