Sunday, 22 July 2012

Tyvek® Kite

Hi Everyone

Just thought you might like to see the Tyvek® Kite in action. Not only is it easy to make but it is also so easy to fly! You don't need a lot of wind as it is such a light kite... a great one for the kids!

I've come up with a slight modification to the original project just because I hate having to waste even a couple of minutes having to untangle kite strings. Instead of using a split ring to attach the kite string I suggest that you attach a jewellery rotating mechanism (97 632 95) to the kite string loop and another one to the end of your kite string (or button thread in this case). Then use a strong jump ring or eye (92 462 95) to connect a rotating carabineer (97 454 95) to the mechanism on the end of your kite string. (See photo below.) That way you can attach and detach your string to your kite, making the flying string available for other kites should you wish. It also will allow your kite to twist and turn without twisting or knotting your string! (Efco product codes are in brackets. Codes are for gold ones but silver are also available.)

Happy flying!

Fee x

Friday, 20 July 2012

June/July Catch up!

Hi Everyone

Sorry I've not posted on the blog recently. It's been a really busy few weeks with the family visiting from Belgium and then me dislocating my little toe (you would not believe how painful and incapacitating a wounded toe can be!) I must also confess to absent mindedness (signs of old age creeping in!) as I've been managing to update the facebook page but forgetting to update the blog at the same time - duh! Sorry to all those of you who don't 'do' facebook, I completely understand and will try to keep the blog up-to-date too.

For those of you who haven't seen the latest news and updates here's a quick catch up:

If you like the idea of creating your own no-maintenance fish tank but don't have the wall space for the large frame used in Project: '1, 2, 3 4 5...' then why not consider using Efco's small square frame (no.14 339 01).

June's Product of the Month was Efco's Papp Art - they have such a wonderful range of papier Mâché, you're spoilt for choice! I especially love their money boxes...

The Efco Efcolor range of Aluminium Collage Blanks is so versatile - you can use them in all sorts of ways. Whether it's as embellishments on a Papp Art money box (as above) or as a hanger or on a card (see below Card CO/0001), the possibilities are endless.

On 30th June I was at Colemans' Craft Warehouse demonstrating napkin decoupage and what a fabulous day it was too! Everyone was so enthusiastic, the only problem was that we sold out of Mod Podge half way through the demo. Do check out my little ebooklet if you want to know more or if you're in need of a little inspiration.

July's Product of the Month is Efco's Tyvek®. It's such a versatile material which can not only be punched, stitched and decorated but it is also tear and weather proof and recyclable.

As Tyvek® doesn't warp or wrinkle when it gets wet it's perfect for colour washes such as the Cling Film Technique (TDP/0004M). It has been used as a background for the silhouette stamped card below...

Well, that's about it for now.

As always... Happy Crafting...

Fee x