Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Chaos reigns!

Hi Everyone!

What a hectic couple of weeks! I've been so busy upgrading the studio computer and internet connection that I'm suffering creative withdrawal symptoms. However, it's all over now and hopefully the new system will make it easier and quicker to upload some inspirational projects for you all.

I hope you like August's Product of the Month project sheets - FIMO Soft really is a fabulous product which can be incorporated into so many crafting activities. The Fan Cane Buttons are quick and easy to make whilst The Sumptuous Casket, although relatively easy, is more time consuming.

I used a lovely wooden chest from Efco as a base for the Casket but there's nothing to stop you using an old tin like the one above.

Hope you are enjoying the summer hols although if you're stopping at home in the UK it must be said that the weather could be a little more consistent with the sunshine - I don't know if the hailstorm last Friday was countrywide but... wow... who'd have though it, especially on the 5th August! At least as crafters we can always find something creative to do whilst waiting for the sun to show it's face.

Congratulations to Lauren for being August's Prize draw winner! Your parcel of crafty goodies will be winging its way to you shortly.

Happy Crafting to one and all!

Fee x