Friday, 27 June 2014

How to carve a soapstone owl...

If you purchased one of Efco's rough cut soapstone owls from the Create and Craft Show here's a few pointers for how to go about carving it...

Use a rasp to shape the body, smoothing out the rough edges.

Use the shaped rasps to create the wings. Sandpaper can be used in tight corners if necessary.

Use finer grades of sandpaper to really smooth out the wings. (If you want to you can leave the body with a little texture to give a contrast to the wings and the impression of ruffled feathers.)

Use the diamond files to shape the head, carving out the eye sockets, eyes and beak. Use sandpaper to smooth the surface.

Use the diamond files again to shape the claws out of the base.

For a super smooth finish use fine grade wet sandpaper on the wings and head, and then polish with Efco's soapstone polishing cream to bring out it's natural qualities.

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