Monday, 2 June 2014

Needle Felted iPad Case

Firstly, I'm sorry to have to announce that next Saturday's Soapstone Create and Craft show is being postponed... this time the delay is due to a bereavement in my family. However, I will still be doing the show, but it will now take place at 5pm on Monday 16th June.

On a happier note, I finished the felted iPad case in preparation for the Franklins workshop on 18th June...

If you've never tried needle felting then this is a great project to get you started. 

First, take the top layer of a napkin and roughly cut out your motifs.

Lay the motifs on top of some vilene and cover with baking parchment. Follow the product instructions for adhering the motifs to the vilene with the use of an iron.

Cut the vilene-backed motifs out precisely.

Lay the motifs on a 30 x 45cm piece of felt and cover with baking parchment before ironing them to adhere them to the felt. For the motifs to be on the front of the iPad cover measure 45mm from one end and position your motifs between there and 195mm (measured from the same end).

Lay the felt sheet over the felting pad, pinning it in position, and use a fine felting needle to felt the motifs with superfine merino wool fibres. (For more detailed instructions on how to needle felt check out The Felted Sheep project sheet.) Basically you need to start with a base of colour, making sure the fibres overlap and interlock, before adding your detailed decoration.

Having finished felting your motifs sew two buttons on the front, approximately 65mm from the end and 75mm in from each side.

Attach two lengths of decorative thread to the back approximately 130mm from the other end and 75mm in from each side. (Make sure they are firmly sewn on.)

Attach a couple of buttons to the back to cover where the threads have been attached. 

Use a glue gun to stick the sides together.

et voila...

Alternatively, you could use loops of elastic thread around the buttons or velcro dots as fastenings

There will be a downloadable version available in the next few days from the Fabric and Fibres section of


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