Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Dean Wilson, Artist extraordinaire!

I know, blogging 3 times in one week (can you stand the shock?!) but I just had to share these pics of Dean Wilson from Create and Craft tv... he was such a happy camper playing with the soapstone! I've never had a C&C presenter stay longer than it takes me to pack up after the show - he soooo wanted to finish his heart. I think if he'd had the time he would have spent the rest of the afternoon soapstone carving. :)

Busy little bee :)

Proud owner of a soapstone heart

Dean was such a pleasure to work with... thanks Dean!

Fingers crossed that if I do another soapstone show it's with Dean...now, what should I get him carving next time... hmmm...maybe a fish....?

If you bought any of the soapstone kits please do send me photos of what you create so I can share them with everyone...it's great to inspire others with what you create :)

I'm off to Cochester tomorrow for the Franklins felting workshop...another day of fun...it's a hard job but somebody's gotta do it eh!?! he he he!...


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