Thursday, 5 May 2016

Summer Beach Efcolor Scene

Hi Everyone

I've been busy preparing samples for next Monday's Hochanda TV Shows when I will be demonstrating the new DAS Idea Mix air dry clay. It's fabulous stuff as it makes creating marble effects sooooo easy! 

In the meantime I've finally got the photos sorted for one of the samples on the last Efcolor Show I did...the Beach Scene!

Materials needed:
Large Efcolor Rectangle Collage Blank
Efcolor Powders: White, Ivory, Silver Texture, Light Turquoise, Light Blue, Blue Transparent, Clear Transparent & Sand
Empty Powder tubes
Card offcut and scrap paper
Oven and Oven Thermometer
Fine Sandpaper, Tweezers and Pencil
Texture Paste and Spatula
Blue, Turquoise and Ivory Acrylic Paint

Step 1. Lightly sand the aluminium blank before covering the top third with white Efcolor powder.

Step 2. Hold an offcut of card over the white and apply silver texture over the rest of the blank, leaving approx. 1cm clear at the bottom.

Step 3. Cover the remaining area with ivory Efcolor, allowing it to blend slightly with the silver.

Step 4. Place the powdered blank in an ordinary kitchen oven at 150ÂșC until the powder has melted.

Step 5. Mix some white, turquoise and light blue Efcolor in an empty tube.

Step 6. Cover the white powder with the blue mix, overlapping the top edge of the silver.

Step 7. Apply a few 'patches' of white over the blue as clouds.

Step 8. Mix some blue and clear transparent in another tube.

Step 9. Use the card offcut again to make sure you get a straight top edge as you apply blue transparent over the top area of the silver.

Step 10. Apply the blue mix over the rest of the silver area.

Step 11. Cover the ivory with sand powder before covering it with a patchy layer of more ivory.

Step 12. Turn the blank around and apply a little more of the blue mix over the top edge of the 'beach'.

Step 13. Cover the 'sea' with more clear transparent.

Step 14. Embed a few small shells in the 'sand' at the bottom.

Step 15. Bake in the oven until the powder has melted. When cool, position your blank in the centre of the canvas. Mark the horizon and the beach line on the canvas with a pencil.

Step 16. Temporarily remove the blank and start applying texture paste with a spatula from the top down to the horizon. Make sure your strokes go horizontally across the canvas.

Step 17. Add tiny dabs of turquoise acrylic to the texture paste.

Step 18. Use the spatula to blend the paint into the texture paste.

Step 19. Continue with more texture paste, adding blue acrylic (darker at the horizon and fading out as you work your way down).

Step 20. Cover the rest of the canvas with texture paste mixing some ivory acrylic in with it before embedding the blank in the centre of the canvas.

Step 21. Embed more shells into the ivory texture paste at the bottom of the canvas before leaving it to dry.

I hope you can join me on Monday when I'll be back on your tv screens now that Hochanda is available on Freeview!

Happy Crafting everyone!

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