Thursday, 12 May 2016

Watch the birdie...

Hi Everyone

I hope everyone has enjoyed the sunshine this week and that your gardens have appreciated the rain when it came! :) 

I had a great time last Monday in Peterborough at the Hochanda studios and I hope everyone who tuned in enjoyed the shows as much as I did. Creating marbled air dry clay is so easy and fun with DAS Idea Mix - if you haven't tried it yet, what are you waiting for? lol!

Today I thought I would share a great little project which is ideal for using up any leftover marbled clay. So here's instructions for how to create the birdhouse fridge magnet featured on Hochanda and made from DAS Idea Mix with DAS white air dry clay...

Home Sweet Home

Marbled Clay: DAS White Air Dry Clay & DAS Idea Mix - Brown & Red was used here
DAS Professional Roller
DAS Clay Metal Spatulas & Wooden Tools
DAS Metal Cutters
DAS Varnish
Brush and white spirit unless you brush is in the vanish lid
Cocktail Stick
Super Strong Magnet (Efco)
PVA Glue

Step 1. Roll out your remanent of clay using the roller with the 5mm guides attached. (The piece pictured was created using the linear marble vein technique which you can download here... Marble Clay Technique 3.)

Step 2. Use the metal spatula to cut your birdhouse shape. I cut a rectangle shape first before cutting the shape of the roof and bringing the sides in at an angle but you could make it whatever shape you fancy!

Step 3. Use a small cutter to cut out the doorway for your birdhouse.

Step 4. Smooth the edges with a wet finger.

Step 5. Flip the clay over and press a magnet into the clay.

Step 6. Flip the clay back over again and use the wooden tools to create your pattern on the front.

Step 7. You can use a cocktail stick to make small holes if desired.

Step 8. Mix a little red DAS Idea Mix with DAS white clay. Roll it out and use the same cutter to cut out a shape.

Step 9. Use a little more of both mixed clays to create a little bird. Take a little of the red clay and add some of the brown and red mix. Roll it into a ball and pinch out either end - one small for the beak and the other longer for the tail.

Step 10. Use a cocktail stick to make a hole for the eye.

Step 11. When the clay has dried use a little PVA to stick the perch and bird on the front.

Step 12. When the glue has dried paint the front and edges of the clay with DAS protective varnish. You will find the first coat makes the colours pop and soaks in a bit. For a glossy finish apply another 1-2 coats when the first has dried.

And here's Leonie's and my birdhouses we created live on air! :)

Leonie was so chuffed with her birdhouse and had so much fun that she wanted to take the clay home with her to continue playing! And not to be outdone Matt made one too...

Happy crafting everyone! :)


  1. As usual Fiona gave us easy relaxed demo's,very informative, makes you want to have a go. We need more ...

  2. Thank you for your lovely comment Lorrainne. That's very kind of you. I'm glad you enjoyed the demos - I certainly enjoy doing them! :)