Friday, 6 November 2015

More Efcolor Ideas

I hope everyone had an enjoyable and safe bonfire's night with spectacular fireworks! 

This week I've decided to share some more Efcolor ideas with everyone...

Firstly, I discovered some colour combinations live on air on Hochanda tv that I have never tried before:

Mixing coloured transparent Efcolor powders
The photo's not great but hopefully it shows that you can get a rather gorgeous purple by mixing blue and red transparent.

Mixing clear transparent with opaque black powder
I have covered glitter powders with coloured transparent before to achieve a subtle 'bling' but covering turquoise glitter with clear transparent and random 'splodges' of opaque black gave a star-like or universe effect. (Again the photo doesn't show it's true glory sorry!)

Coloured Transparent combined with Rubber Stamping
I have always covered rubber stamped images with clear transparent but have never thought to use some of the coloured transparent instead. btw Efco's texture mats are ideal for creating stamped images on pendants too. (Image: Paisley texture mat stamped with black Staz-on covered with red transparent.)

Secondly, you can enamel papier maché as Efco's Efcolor powders only need 150ºC to melt which is cool enough for both Efco's Papp Art and also thin layers of acrylic paint whether they are painted straight onto the papier maché or onto basecoats of enamel.

Paris Papier Maché

Materials needed:
Efco Paris Papp Art
Black acrylic paint
Black & Gold Efcolor Powders
Clear Flat-backed Swarovski Crystals (3, 4 & 5 mm)
Tweezers & Paint Brush
Efcolor Stove or Kitchen Oven
Optional: Varnish
(The Papp Art is a little too big for the stove but it can still be heated on it without the lid being used, it just takes a little longer.)

1. Paint the edges of the Papp Art with black acrylic paint and leave to dry.

2. Cover the papp art with black Efcolor powder and heat until it is melted.

3. When cool, cover the papp art with another layer of black Efcolor powder and patches of gold. Position crystals in the powder before placing it back on the heat to melt.

4. When cool, paint the back of the papp art with more black acrylic. 

If desired, you can coat the edges and back with varnish to protect the painted areas. Et voila! A quick and easy project.

Happy crafting!

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