Thursday, 29 October 2015

Hochanda Efcolor One Day Special

Well I've just about recovered, unpacked and tidied up the mess I had left behind me in the studio after last week's Hochanda tv one day special and all the prep beforehand. :)

I had planned to start posting on WOYWW before the show (as I have realised that accountability is good thing when it comes to making sure I post each week) but sadly there wasn't enough time. So I've decided to post my photos from the last two Wednesdays anyway. Here's what my desk looked like the Wednesday before the show...

As you can see I was busy making new samples for the show whilst watching Hochanda tv online... (Efco's Paris papp art is in the middle of being enamelled here).

And here's what it looked like the Wednesday after the show before I had a chance to tidy up (lol)...

All the last minute panic stations stuff left out where I had suddenly realised I'd forgotten to make some new jewellery to wear on the show and the mdf JOY that I ran out of time to enamel. :(

However I had a great time and everyone at the studios was really welcoming. The shows did well too as we sold out of the one day special and had to beg Germany for some more stock to last out the day!

Here's one of the new samples I created for the show...

Butterfly Easel Card

You will need: 
80 x 80 mm collage blank
Black and Clear Transparent Efcolor powder
Efco's A5 butterfly stencil
Iridescent acrylic paint (Jo Sonja's used here)
Flat-backed Swarovski Crystal
Sponge, Masking tape, Sanding pad & Tweezers
Peel off stickers, Card & Double-sided tape
Tea light stove

1. Lightly sand the collage blank to help key the Efcolor enamel. Wipe any grit from the surface.
2. Cover the blank with a layer of black powder and heat until it has melted.
3. If necessary apply another layer of black powder and reheat to achieve a smooth glossy surface.
4. When cool, lay the stencil over the top (secure with a piece of masking tape if needed) and use a sponge to apply a thin layer of iridescent acrylic over the design. Remove the stencil and leave to dry.
5. Cover with a thin layer of transparent powder before placing the blank back on the stove to heat.
6. As the powder melts you will be able to see the design again. Whilst still on the stove use tweezers to drop a crystal on the painted butterfly wing.
7. When the powder has completely melted and gone glossy remove the blank from the stove.
8. When cool, stick a sentiment on top of the enamel.
9. Take a 160 x 80 mm piece of card and fold it in two. Fold one half back on itself.
10. Use double-sided tape to stick the top half of the blank to the folded front of the card.

As ever, I wish you all happy crafting!

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