Friday, 27 March 2015

Trials and Tribulations...

What a busy week it's been... progress is still being made on the new studio, despite the rotten weather. I even had a visit from a lovely enforcement officer of the local planning office (thanks to a kind neighbour me thinks) but fortunately my builders are very professional and all is well so no need for planning permission as they had assured me right at the beginning. 

It won't be long before I have a roof and maybe even some windows and doors!

Anyway, this morning started with another excitement (if you can call it that) when I tried to start my laptop only to find that it refused to turn on... (I must admit there are some days when I know exactly how it feels but I could have done without that today!) After a quick trip to the apple store (which proved totally pointless) I managed to solve the problem myself and am thankfully back online again... and breathe once again...

So, this week I had another Cernit project for you...but that will have to wait until tomorrow as I now have to drop everything and go pick my niece up from boarding school for the Easter hols (what a lucky Auntie!). ;)

Check back tomorrow for the Cernit project...fingers crossed Saturday goes to plan unlike today (anyone would think it was the 13th the way it's gone so far! lol). 

Hey ho, the joys of living...happy crafting one and all!

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