Monday, 30 March 2015

Efco Cernit Flower Ring

Ok, so I didn't manage to get the project up on Saturday...sorry! My fencer arrived to start putting up a new fence so I haven't had a chance until now...but better late than never (I hope)! Here it is...

Cernit Flower Ring

Materials needed:
Cernit (Glamour - light green, green, violet & yellow)
Cernit Roller
Cernit Blades
Cernit Tool Set
Efco Octagonal Ring for Modelling (97 742 04)
Efco Ring Holder
Domestic Oven for baking & Oven Thermometer

First condition your background clay, rolling it out to approximately 1mm thick when conditioned.

Place the metal insert in the ring backing and lay the clay across the top. Remove the excess by cutting downwards around the edges.

Smooth the edges with your fingers and thumb, creating a bevelled edge and cleaning the metal sides as you go.

Condition your clay for the flower petals before rolling it into a very small sausage. Cut small pieces from the sausage and roll them into tiny balls and then teardrops.

You will find it easier to work on your ring if you place it on Efco's ring stand. (It's also great for baking the ring too.) Position the teardrops on top of the clay with the larger ends almost meeting in a ring. Use the pointed Cernit modelling tool to press the base of the petals into the background clay and create a petal shape at the same time.

For rounded petals make little balls and use a less pointed Cernit modelling tool to press them into the clay.

Add little balls for flower centres. Use the pointed tool to give them a textured finish.

Or use the rounded end of a Cernit tool to gently press them to adhere them to the clay underneath.

Fill in the background with green teardrops for leaves before baking the ring (on the stand) following the manufacturer's instructions.

Et voilà! :)

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