Monday, 29 April 2013

Wire Rose Ring

Hi Everyone

I had a fabulous day with the crafters at The Craft Patch on Saturday - what a lovely and talented group of ladies (and gentleman) they were too! There were a lot of creative ideas flying around during the course of the day, for example Fiona Morgan thought that stringing several felt flowers (Project Sheet F/0011M) together would make a fabulous scarf. (The video for how to make a felt poppy will be available soon!)

Here are a few of the lovely ladies...

                                                    ... and I'm looking forward to seeing all the wonderful felt and wirework projects they create!
For those of you who have been wondering what you can do with Efco's flat coloured wires here's one idea:

Wire Ribbon Rose Ring

This ring is made with one length of Efco's flat wire.
It can be made with either style of wire but the embossed wire reflects the light more dynamically giving the ring extra dimension.

Materials needed:

32cm of Flat Coloured Wire
Ring Mandrel
Flat Nosed Pliers (with Protector Tubes)
Wire Snips

All materials available from Efco

Mark the ring mandrel with a pencil for the required size. Cut a ruler's length of wire & wrap it around the ring mandrel at the marked point, twisting the wire ends around each other to secure it.

Use flat nosed pliers to bend the wire out in places as you wrap the ends around each other in a spiral fashion.

Continue to bend the wire out in places as you wrap the wires around in an ever growing spiral.

Continue in the same vein until the rose is as large as you'd like.

When the rose is the desired size bend the wire ends so that the wire is flat to the mandrel, allowing you to tuck the ends under the edges of the rose at either side of the ring band.

Side the ring off the mandrel and turn it over. Cut the excess wire so that the ends are hidden by the rose.

The finished ring!

Hope you like the ring. Do feel free to leave any comments - I'd love to hear what you think or if you have a better idea!

As always... Happy Crafting!

Fee x 

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