Friday, 19 April 2013

Wet Felted Medallions

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Here's a quick how-to for making Wet Felted Medallions which can be turned into beads by threading them onto eyepins...

Felted Medallions

Material List
 Efco Superfine Merino Wool Tops
Bubble Wrap & Towel
Efco Filz-Fix Set
Hot & Cold Water
Scissors, Eyepins, Pliers & Wire Cutters

1. Use the heel of your hand to pull off sections of wool
fibre. Tease them out to spread the fibres and then
lay them horiztonally on a piece of bubble wrap
(bubble side up).
nb. One edge will form the outside of your medallion.

2. Lay more sections of teased out wool fibre
on top of the first layer of fibres at 90ยบ (ie vertically).

3. When you have a solid, thick layer of fibressoak them with the Filz-Fix solution.
(2ml of Filz-Fix:100ml Hand Hot Water)

4. Lay another piece of bubble wrap over the top and press
down with your hands to push the liquid through the fibres.
(Do not rub or roll with a rolling pin
as this could start the felting process &
stop the fibres locking together later.)

5. Lift off the bubble wrap and apply more
Filz-Fix solution where necessary.

6. Lay the bubble wrap back over and press down again
to distribute the liquid.
nb. If you are making large medallions and so have a very
thick layer of fibres you will find it easier if you flip the mat
of fibres over whilst it is trapped between the bubble wrap
& apply more filz-fix from the other side.
Remember to flip it back again when it is all wet.

7. Remove the bubble wrap and fold over one end
of the mat of fibres to neaten it to a straight edge.

8. Start rolling the fibres as tightly as possible.

9. Keep rolling until you have a sausage shape.

10. Wrap the fibre roll as tightly as possible
in a piece of bubble wrap.

11. Start massaging the roll, wringing and
squeezing it in your hands.
Unroll the bubble wrap to check that the
fibres are beginning to felt. Reroll them in the
bubble wrap and massage again.

12. Undo the bubble wrap and, provided the
fibres have started to lock together,
gently roll them with your hand.

13. By now the fibres should feel like a loose, floppy roll.
Start rolling them between your hands applying pressure.

14. When the roll of fibres starts to feel firmer
place it in hot water. This will shock the fibres
into locking tighter together.

15. Remove it from the hot water and roll between your hands,
applying as much pressure as possible.
Continue dunking it in the hot water and rolling it in your
hands until the fibres form a firm, solid roll.

16. Rinse the fibre roll in cold water to remove
the last of the Filz-Fix solution.

Wrap the roll in a towel and squeeze
as much water out as possible.
(This will speed the drying process.)

17. When dry, use sharp, heavy duty scissors
to cut medallions from the roll.

18. Use a needle to make a hole which you can
then thread an eyepin through. Curl over the end with
jewellery pliers before trimming the excess.

You can thread your felt medallions onto headpins to create unique earrings!

Happy Crafting!

Fee x

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