Saturday, 22 September 2012

Yet more pyrography...

Hi Everyone

It's official... I'm hooked! I never realised how much fun Pyrography could be. Not only can you decorate wood using simple design rubber stamps as a guide but you can also create unique cards using heavyweight watercolour card!

The first card was rubber stamped and then the outline was traced with Efco's basic pyrography tool with a round burning point. The same tip was used to first add shading and then singe the edge of the card after cutting it out. For the second card a design from The Ultimate Design Source Book for Crafters was traced and transferred onto the watercolour card. The pyrography tool was used to go over the outline and then the colour was applied using watercolour pencils with a brush and water.

Nowadays I can't stop thinking of designs to add to every wooden box etc I come across. For instance, I thought Efco's rustic wooden heart would make a  great present for a wedding anniversary...

It's not a smooth surface but can still be pyrographed if you take your time and do it carefully. The same Efco Roses Stencil was used for the front as was used on the Rambling Rose Tea Caddy (HF/0018M). The initials and date were printed from a computer and then traced.

I always think it's rather nice to decorate places on objects that people don't always expect eg the bottom of a box or a little detail inside a lid etc. Here I thought it would be rather nice to decorate the back of the heart as well as the front. Here's the design for anyone who wants it.

All you need to do is click and drag the above image to your desktop before printing it out and tracing it. Lay it on the left side of the heart and retrace it before flipping it over to transfer it onto the right side.

However, if pyrography is not for you, you can use the designs for painting projects. For example here's the Hanger from the Hanging About Project HF/0017M. 

The same template was traced onto the hanger but this time a small round brush was used to create comma strokes for the leaves with green and yellow acrylic paint (in the same way as the Advent Wreath Project FMJ/0003). A fine liner brush and green paint was used for the stems and dots and a Berry Maker Applicator for the white flowers with yellow centres (although you could use a cotton bud or the end of a brush handle instead).

Happy Crafting!

Fee x

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