Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Red Glitter Enamelled Heart

Hi Everyone,

I've been having fun playing with Efcolor enamelling again...

Materials needed:
Copper Heart Pendant 27 x 27 mm (9919461)
Efcolor Stove (9371706)
Dark Red Efcolor Powder (9370029)
White Efcolor Powder (9370001)
Silver Glitter Efcolor Powder (9370391)
Transparent Red Efcolor Powder (9370128)
Silver-lined Dark Red Indian Beads ΓΈ2.2mm (1025429)
Flat Nosed Pliers (1802407)
Wire Cutters (1802405)
Copper Tiger Tail Beading Wire
Copper Jump Ring
Copper Clasp
(Efco Product Codes in brackets)

1. Lightly sand the copper heart and then cover it with a layer of dark red Efcolor powder. Place the blank on the stove until the powder has melted creating a smooth glossy enamelled surface.

2. When cool, cover the top edges with white Efcolor, fading out as you move down the heart.

3. Before reheating the blank, cover the white Efcolor with a little silver glitter Efcolor, again focusing most across the top of the heart allowing it to thin out towards the bottom.

4. Place the blank back on the tealight stove until the powder has melted leaving you with a concentration of silver glitter at the top with hints of white fading out towards dark red at the bottom.

5. When cool, cover the blank with a thin layer of transparent red Efcolor and replace on the stove to melt the powder.

6. Take two lengths of beading wire and thread them with the dark red Indian beads. Attach the clasp at the ends and use a jump ring to attach the pendant when cool.

I've also been playing with combining embossing crystals and powders with Efcolor too...

This heart has been enamelled with dark red Efcolor, then silver glitter Efcolor, then transparent red Efcolor. Finally a little Goldstone Wonder Embossing Crystals were added across the top of the heart.

I enamelled this donut with olive green Efcolor before adding some Red Aventurine Wonder Embossing Crystals around the inner edge.


I basecoated this pendant with ivory Efcolor before adding a some Arctic Lake Cosmic Shimmer Ultra Thick Embossing Powder with a little Lapis Pearl Lustre Cosmic Shimmer Embossing Powder around the edges.

Last but not least this pendant was enamelled with black Efcolor first before adding some Tropic Moss Blaze Cosmic Shimmer across the bottom, fading out to a few sprinkles higher up. It also has a light sprinkle of WOW! Metallic Gold Rich Ultra High Embossing Powder.

So as you can see you can combine various Efcolor powders and also Embossing powders to create some wonderful effects! :)

Happy Crafting Everyone!

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