Thursday, 28 July 2016

Easy Rust is a must...

Hi Everyone

It's been a hectic few weeks so sorry for not getting a chance to blog and it's going to have to be a short one this week too as I'm jetting off to Belfast tomorrow to see my niece perform in her first Youth Musical Theatre summer production. I do hope everyone is enjoying the sunny weather but still finding time for a little therapeutic creativity on the side. ;)

If you haven't discovered Efco's Easy Rust yet then check this out...

It's a paste that can be used on wood, plastic, metal, ceramic and even Efco's Papp Art shapes such as this gecko. When dry it is both weather resistant and lightfast!

The paste comes in two colours... the terracotta (as seen above) and a darker brown. It's also available as a lighter coloured liquid in a bottle.

You can mix the pastes on the same piece to give greater texture and depth to the colour...

Using Easy Rust paste is a great way to make cheap papier maché pieces look like expensive terracotta. Provided you give your Papp Art two good coats of the paste making sure that no papier maché is exposed you can even put your finished pieces in the garden during spring and summer as they should be weather resistant.

Happy Crafting everyone... :)

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