Thursday, 30 June 2016

Further experiments with Efcolor & Wonder Embossing Crystals

Hi Everyone

Hope you're not letting the grotty weather or current political uncertainty get you down and are still finding time to do a spot of crafting. I've been having more fun with the Be Creative! Wonder Embossing Crystals and Efcolor Enamelling Powders...

And I'm loving the effects I can get by mixing the two!

Step 1. First cover the blank with a layer of Golden Yellow Efcolor. Heat on the tealight stove until melted.

Step 2. Cover with another layer of Golden Yellow Efcolor and then sprinkle a little Goldenite Wonder Embossing Crystals over the top.

Step 3. Place it back on the tealight stove to melt the second layer of powder. You'll find that the Efcolor powder melts first.

Then you'll find the smaller crystals will melt, followed by the larger ones. 

(It's rather fascinating watching them melt, lol!)

Step 4. Use a needle tool or fine embossing tool to swirl the crystals whilst the blank is still on the tealight stove.

Step 5. Leave the blank on the tealight stove a little longer to allow the enamel to level out again. Then remove it from the heat and leave to cool.

And here are some more examples of Efcolor and Wonder Embossing Crystals combined on Efco Copper Blanks...

Mauve Efcolor & Picture Jasper Wonder Crystals

Red Efcolor & Goldstone Wonder Crystals

Dark Green Efcolor & Chrysoprase Wonder Crystals

Black Efcolor & Tiger Eye Wonder Crystals

Transparent Blue Efcolor & Carnelian Wonder Crystals

I think anyone who loves enamelling with Efcolor powders will agree with me that these Wonder Embossing Crystals open up new possibilities for creating some spectacular effects. :)

Happy Crafting!

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