Friday, 8 April 2016

Embossed Feather Efcolor Pendant

Hi Everyone

For those of you who have asked about the feather pendant I posted on the Facebook page here are the step-by-steps...

Materials needed:

Round Copper Blank with hole
Mallow Efcolor Powder
Dark Green Efcolor Powder
Feather Rubber Stamp
Efcolor Tealight Stove
VersaMark Ink Pad
Gold Mica Powder
Brush & Baby Wipe

Step 1. Cover the blank with a mix of dark green and mallow Efcolor powders and heat on the tea light stove until the powder has melted. (Repeat if necessary to achieve a smooth glossy finish.)

Step 2. Whilst the blank is still on the stove ink up your rubber stamp with a VersaMark Ink Pad. (If you don't have one you could use a clear emboss ink pad.)

Step 3. Take the blank off the stove and immediately stamp into the hot enamel, pressing down firmly. Carefully remove the blank from the rubber stamp.

Step 4. Mix a little gold mica powder with a drop of water.

Step 5. 'Splodge' the paint into all the recesses without worrying about going over the raised surface.

Step 6. Leave it for a few moments before using a baby wipe to clean the raised surface.

To protect your finished piece you can either spray it with some gloss varnish and so protect the embossed impression or cover it with a thin layer of transparent powder and re-heat it briefly to melt the powder. The latter may result in a little of the recessed image being lost but you shouldn't lose much. (Of course you can also use acrylic paint to colour the stamped areas.)

The finish will vary depending on the stamp you use - the deeper the recesses in your stamp the greater the impression...

Happy Crafting everyone!

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