Saturday, 12 March 2016

Oops! Where did Friday go?!?!

It's been a busy old week as I've been galavanting around Yorkshire! :) Sadly it rained for most of the time (even snowed a little) but we did have one day of sunshine...

Everywhere I went there were loads of snowdrops...

And there was lots of wildlife around too! See if you can spot the Easter bunny in this picture...

So having returned from my jaunt north of Watford Gap here's a quick and simple project for you this week...

Neon Efcolor Pendant!

Materials needed:
Black, Neon Pink and Neon Orange Efcolor Powders
Square Copper Pendant Blank
Scroll Heart Stencil
Efcolor Tealight Stove
Jump ring and rubber necklace
Fine Sandpaper and Pliers
(All materials available from Efco)

Step 1. Lightly sand both sides of the copper blank to remove any grease and help the Efcolor powders key in.

Step 2. Cover the back of the copper blank with a layer of black Efcolor powder. Heat on the tea light stove until the enamel has melted.

Step 3. When cool, cover the front with a random mix of neon pink and orange powders.

Step 4. Make sure to place the blank on the stand before heating it on the tea light stove. Leave the blank on the stand to cool once the powder has melted. 

Top Tip: The straighter it is on the stand the less chance you have of nicking the edges.

Step 5. Remove the blank from the stand when cool and place it on your scrap paper. Lay the stencil over the blank and cover with a thin layer of black Efcolor powder - just enough to block out the colours underneath.

Step 6. Carefully lift the stencil slightly to be able to slide it over to the side. Place the blank back on the tea light stove to melt the black powder. Leave it to cool on the stand too.

Step 7. Once cool attach it to your necklace with a jump ring.

Happy Crafting!

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