Friday, 24 April 2015

There's painting... and then there's painting!

Here I go again, making excuses as to why I didn't post anything last Blog Friday... ermm...well...I blame the builders - I kept getting interrupted with requests for tea and donuts... (that's because Blog Friday has now turned into Donut Friday, lol!).

So, what's new... the studio is coming along... slowly... painfully slowly at times... hey ho, better it's done right than done quickly. Oh, and one day last week I decided to have a go at painting the fence (so that it tones in with the nu studio), after all how hard could it be...

This was the result of a day's painting... albeit with several interruptions for tea, coffee, cold drinks and biccies .. and yes, my builders are still laughing their heads off almost a week later! Needless to say I think I should stick to decorative painting, don't you?!

So here I have a project which shows two different painting techniques...One very simple and easy to do for a novice painter and one a little harder for those wanting to try their hand at something more detailed.

Stencilled Suitcase

Efco Papp Art Suitcase
Efco Cherry Blossom Stencil
Efco Decoupaint - Black, Cream, Orange, Yellow, Blue, Brown, Green, Pink, White
Efco Gold Decoupaint Patina
Pencil & Low Tack Tape
Assorted Brushes - Flat, Stencil, Round
Sea Sponge & Palette
Mod Podge
Napkin (if decoupaging the sides of the suitcase instead of painting them)

Step 1. Either paint or napkin decoupage the sides.

Step 2. Use a sea sponge to paint the bottom of the case with black Decoupaint. You may need to do two coats to get a good coverage.

Step 3. When dry, lay the stencil over the painted surface. (Hold in position with a little low tack tape.) Use a stencil brush to apply Efco's Gold Decoupaint Patina through the stencil. Remove the stencil whilst the paint is still wet. Leave the suitcase to dry whilst you clean the stencil with water.

The finished case bottom.

Step 4. Paint the suitcase lid with cream Decoupaint. Again, you may need to do a couple of coats of cream to get good coverage.

Step 5. Lay the stencil over the top of the dry paint and lightly trace around with a pencil.

Step 6. Water down a little yellow Decoupaint and, using a large flat brush, wash over the top two thirds of the surface with horizontal strokes. Then wash over the bottom third with some watered down blue.

Step 7. Use a small flat brush to paint the sun orange with touches of yellow brushed in circular motions.

Step 8. Paint the mountains blue, adding a little white to the blue towards the top and a little black and green towards the bottom edge.

Step 9. Add touches of pure white to the tops of the mountains for snow.

Step 10. Paint the distant tree - brown with touches of black at the edges for the tree trunk, and green with touches of blue and black for the leaves.

Step 11. You may well find that the design doesn't quite reach the edge of the suitcase. So extend the foreground tree trunk and add another flower or two.

Step 12. Paint the foreground tree trunk with brown, adding touches of black to darken the brown along the bottom edges - this will give it some dimension.

Step 13. Paint the leaves green adding touches of yellow to lighten parts of them to again give them dimension.

Step 14. Paint the flowers pink, adding touches of white to the pink around the outer edges of the petals. 

Step 15. Add spots of dark pink Decoupaint in the centres.

Step 16. When dry (allow approx. 24 hours to thoroughly dry), apply a couple of coats of Mod Podge to seal and protect the paint.

The finished case lid.

I think I will stick to decorative painting as this was a lot more fun than painting the fence (although I must admit I am very happy with the colour ;) lol).

If you want a shorter downloadable version of this project go to the painting page on

Happy Painting!

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