Friday, 20 February 2015

Paracord Weaves

Here I go again... making excuses for not blogging. (Note to self: must try harder!!) The last month has been uber busy with prepping for the big craft trade show, Stitches, held at the NEC, Birmingham. Add to that the fact that the builders started work on prepping the space for my brand new studio shed a fortnight ago (whoopee!) and as I'm sure you can imagine, I've been doing an excellent impression of a headless chicken of late! 

Anyway, I'm back now, recovering from 3 days non-stop demos and workshops (lost my voice yet again and now fighting off a cold, boo hoo) and getting ready to get some brand new project sheets up on the website.

In the meantime, in light of the response I received at Stitches over Paracord braiding, I thought I'd share some great paracord links to some free pattern and weave instructions...

This is the Viper Paracord Weave, instructions for which can be found at:

This is the Wheat Stalk Braid (another of my personal favourites) and you can view the YouTube video to find out how it's done.

This is the first and most basic paracord weave, sometimes called the Cobra (otherwise known as the Macramé Square Knot). You can find instructions for this one at: Or for the Macramé Square Knot go to: Alternatively, if purchasing Efco's 4m packs of cord you will find the instructions inside the packet. On this bracelet you can see that I've added an Efcolor enamelled oval blank as decoration on top using some of Efco's transparent nylon thread.

This is the Bound Endless Falls Braid, instructions for which can be found along with a whole host of other braids on

Of course when creating Paracord Braids you don't have to leave it there. You can add other embellishments such as embossed metal shapes, large holed beads and even make your own beads as embellishments from Cernit and Efco's new Texture Mats...

Efco Metall Art embellishments on a Cobra Paracord Braid with one of Efco's new metal click buckles.

Efco's large holed beads on some of their 2mm cords.

Cernit beads created using Efco's Texture Mats and a small round cutter.

Paracord looks set to rise in popularity over the coming months and should appeal to boys and girls of all ages. And bracelets are not the only things you can create using this technique either. You can create keyrings, bag handles and belts etc. and if you're fed up with the wintery weather we are experiencing at the moment then start planning a holiday to somewhere hotter by decorating some flip flops...

These flip flops are being decorated using the basic Macramé Square Knot around the strap. I joined two cords by heating the ends and sticking them together whilst still hot before I started weaving from one side to the other.

I will be uploading various Paracord project sheets soon so keep an eye on the Facebook page over the coming weeks for news on those.

Happy Crafting everyone! :)

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