Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Felting Links...

Rats! Another Monday missed! 

However, I do have extenuating circumstances...

Firstly, I had to pick up my niece from school on Friday as it was the end of exams and so they were allowed to leave school for the day. In view of the fact that she had her practice Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Expedition on the weekend I thought it would be rather heartless of me to leave her sitting in a classroom all day with others who still had exams to do, especially as she didn't have her rucksack packed! (I had a phonecall from her Sunday night and what a plaintive, sorrowful, tired voice it was too - I don't think there was a single part of her that didn't ache, poor love!) But that meant that Friday's work had to be done on Saturday instead, which has now become my start day for preparing my Monday blog.

Then, instead of finalising my blog post, Sunday afternoon was spent whiling away the hours sitting in Moorfield Eye Hospital's A&E waiting to have my eye checked out as my optician couldn't see me. Turns out my eye is aging as badly as the rest of me (lol) and I shouldn't be alarmed by massive floaters, flashes and lightening effects in my eye, so all's well there then. Already behind with my blog post, I could have done without the migraine that followed on the Monday! (Haven't had one of those in years and I sincerely hope it's years again if I ever have another one!)

As such I'm afraid I've had to give up on my post for this week but just wanted to log in here and show up (if only for myself) to make a promise that I will be posting again properly next Monday.

Until then here's a taster of what I had hoped to have finished before this blog post...

It's a needle felted iPad case using napkins as a design aid. I'm busy preparing some samples for a felting workshop I will be teaching for Franklin's of Colchester on Wednesday 18th June. The workshop will be a taster class showing crafters how to both needle felt and wet felt, so it should be a lot of fun!

In the meantime if you'd like to be inspired by felting artists check out the following pages (they're well worth a peek):

Julia Rossi, a textile artist from Argentina 

Elizabeth Armstrong, Studio Felter blog

Jane Herman and her Fabulous Felt's Blog

Jennifer Budd and her Woolscapes

Happy crafting!

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