Monday, 29 July 2013

Create your own iPad case

Hi Everyone

So many people have tablets of one kind or another these days. Why not personalize your tablet with it's own unique case...

Needle Felted iPad Case 

Take a 30 x 45cm sheet of felt (2mm thick) and decorate it how you want. If you want to decorate just the front make sure you leave a 5cm strip clear at one short edge of the felt. Then decorate anywhere within the next 14.5cm section.

I decided to needle felt this piece using an Efco owl napkin as the base for the pattern. To do this you take the top layer of your napkin and roughly cut out your design. Iron Vilene onto the back before cutting out the motif more precisely. Remove the backing sheet from the Vilene before ironing the motif in position on the felt. You are then ready to needle felt with super soft Merino wool tops. If you've never needle felted before check out one of the Projects4Crafters needle felting project sheets by clicking here.

Place your iPad on the felt and fold the felt so that the decorated front lines up roughly with the edge of your tablet. Stick 3 loop Velcro coins approximately 15mm in from the top edge (one in the centre and the other two 45-50mm in from either side). Place the hook coins on top of the loop ones and fold the top edge of the felt over the top. Then release the Velcro by opening up the flap. If your Velcro isn't very sticky you can use invisible thread to stitch them in position for extra security.

If you have needle felted your decoration on the front or done any kind of sewing or decoration that has made a bit of a mess of the back it's a good idea to cover it with a thin piece of felt. You can either use more Vilene to stick it in position or, if you prefer, glue.

Use a hot glue gun to seal the left and right edges. (If you don't have a hot glue gun you can stitch the edges instead using either a running stitch or blanket stitch.)


And you are finished!

As you can see it's so easy to do. If you've decorated your own iPad or phone case I'd love to see what you've done so please feel free to post photos!

Happy crafting!

Fee x

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