Friday, 14 June 2013

Create and Craft Collage Show

Hi Everyone

Wow... what a great show! It was lovely working with the delightful Debbie Shore again and the response from the audience was fab! If you were unable to watch the show here is a taster of what you missed... 

Efco's Aquarium pack is ideal for creating fish tank cards.

Efco Stampbord shapes from the embellishment pack are ideal for creating enamelled embellishments. Here the number 5 has been used to create an enamelled badge.

You can use stencils to create patterns with Efcolor.

You can embed Efco Stampbord shapes in Efcolor on another blank!

You can create background with Efcolor and then rubber stamp on top.

Efco Stampbord shapes are ideal for creating unique card toppers.

You can embed Swarovski Crystals in Efcolor powder when enamelling.

Create your own stencils using a craft punch and a piece of card.

This blank can be found in either the Timeout or Seventies pack
and is perfect for using with the Efcolor Roses Stencil.

You can embed rub ons in Efcolor - just make sure they are firmly
attached before you cover them with a thin layer of transparent powder.

Efcolor alumnium blanks are perfect for creating unique handmade cards.

This example using the cool set of powders that are available from Create and Craft.

You can embed items such as silk flowers into Efcolor powders.
Just make sure you have a good thick layer of powder and when it is melted remove the blank from the heat and press you flower into the enamel.

You can use stencils to create patterns with Efcolor.
You can heat your blanks several times so that way you can do each colour separately!

The Noah's Ark pack of blanks is great for creating cards
or as embellishments for scrapbook pages such as this page.

The Noah's Ark pack of blanks can be used to create a Safari Scene.

You can use anything that has holes in it to create your patterns.
Here I've used some lace.

The 80 x 80 square blanks are perfect for making Post-it note blocks
And you can embed wire in Efcolor powders too!

These pieces are from the Seventies pack of blanks
(just to show you you don't have to do them in 'seventies colours'!)

You can use Efco's Aquarium pack to create your own mini fish tank wall art.
(For instructions check out the Efcolor Enamelling Page.)

To create the pattern here, I used a Spellbinders die cut.

A cupcake wrapper was used to create the pattern on this piece.

 As you can see there was lots going on!

Hope you can catch my next Create and Craft show which will be on 22 June at 3pm. This time I will be making Efcolor enamelled Christmas Decorations... yes I know, Christmas seems to come earlier and earlier each year but Create and Craft are doing a whole week of Christmas shows in June so it really will start early this year! Having said that if you have been crafting a while you'll know that you really do need to make a start on your Christmas cards soon if you plan to handcraft them all yourself!

Hope you can join me on the 22nd! 

Fee x

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