Sunday, 22 July 2012

Tyvek® Kite

Hi Everyone

Just thought you might like to see the Tyvek® Kite in action. Not only is it easy to make but it is also so easy to fly! You don't need a lot of wind as it is such a light kite... a great one for the kids!

I've come up with a slight modification to the original project just because I hate having to waste even a couple of minutes having to untangle kite strings. Instead of using a split ring to attach the kite string I suggest that you attach a jewellery rotating mechanism (97 632 95) to the kite string loop and another one to the end of your kite string (or button thread in this case). Then use a strong jump ring or eye (92 462 95) to connect a rotating carabineer (97 454 95) to the mechanism on the end of your kite string. (See photo below.) That way you can attach and detach your string to your kite, making the flying string available for other kites should you wish. It also will allow your kite to twist and turn without twisting or knotting your string! (Efco product codes are in brackets. Codes are for gold ones but silver are also available.)

Happy flying!

Fee x

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