Monday, 26 March 2012

Jewellery Top Tip

Hi Everyone

With my jewellery demo at Colmans' Craft Warehouse this coming Saturday I thought I'd share a top tip with you all...

This homemade beading tray not only makes working with beads easier as they can't run away but also makes storing your work whilst in the middle of a project easier too as you can leave everything on the tray, move it to a safe place and cover it with a cloth if necessary. It is also very easy to make and cheap too!

Take an old frame and remove the glass and backing. Discard the glass as it is no longer needed (or better still give it to a glass painter to decorate!). Cover the backing with an offcut of velvet, dralon, velour or similar fabric. Fold the fabric over the edges, pulling it taut. Staple it on the reverse to fix it and trim the excess. Then replace the backing in the frame and secure in position. (You will find that it is a tight fit with the fabric.)

If you use a tray like this you will find that you spend less time crawling around on your knees looking for stray beads as they will not roll away as easily on the fabric and the frame will stop anything falling off the edge!

I look forward to seeing whoever manages to make it to the Big Demo Day at Colmans' on the 31st!

Happy Crafting to one and all!

Fee x

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