Monday, 7 November 2011

Another fabulous show!

Hi Everyone

And hello to all the lovely people I met at the NEC the last few days - what a great show this year's Hobbycraft Show turned out to be!

Just like last year we were booked out each day almost before we started the first workshop. If only there were more hours in the day... either that or I need to find a way to clone myself so that I can teach two workshops at the same time! Needless to say after 4 days of raising my voice to be heard above the hubbub of the NEC I've lost it! Still, at least I don't need it to continue crafting and working on the website.

I will be uploading some of the photos I took at the show for everyone to see just as soon as I've figured out how to get them off the new camera. And as soon as my voice returns I'll be setting to work on some craft videos for those of you who would like to see techniques in action!

If you are in Christmas mode already then check out November's Product of the Month. Sorry it's a couple of days late but the internet connect at the hotel was so poor I wasn't able to access the website. I think the beaded wire stars make great decorations for your tree or as festive window dressing. They also make excellent little pressies for friends as they are something that will be used year after year and, being handmade, each time they get them out it will remind them of your friendship.

Don't forget the Anniversary Competition - there's still plenty of time to get your Carol themed card done and sent in - there's a bumper prize for the best card so it's well worth a try! I look forward to seeing your entries!

Till the next time... Happy Crafting!

Fee x

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