Wednesday, 9 March 2011

What a month!

Hi Everyone

What a busy month February was! As usual the NEC hosted Stitches, the UK's largest craft trade show. I spent a couple of days going round the entire show and there are some lovely new products and ranges coming out this year. I caught up with a friend from Scotland who has recently launched an Art business up there and we're hoping to collaborate on a few crafty ideas soon! I've also been busy talking with various manufacturers about their new craft products. So watch this space...  I hope to get some of those lovely products onto the website over the coming months!

March's Product of the Month projects sheets are now available, and if you've never used Colourcraft's Brush® Sprays and Crystal Colours before, I strongly advise you to download them to give you inspiration on where to start. They are such highly pigmented colours you can create some truly lovely effects with them. Whether you're a card maker or scrapbooker I'm sure you'll find a use for them.

I've been having such fun with Colourcraft's Brusho® range I thought you might like to see extra pics of what you can do with them.

These scrapbook pages have had sprays & powders applied and then left to dry. 

Some of them were then cut up and used as decorative backgrounds for some quick and easy photo cards. 

I use kitchen roll to blot pages or mop up excess colour. I leave it on one side to dry and then lay it on a piece of old cloth with parchment paper over the top to iron it flat. This I also use as backgrounds on cards because you can get some really amazing effects! 

I also love working with Colourcraft's Brusho® on Tyvek - you can create some wonderful pieces whether you heat them or just leave them as they are. 

You can also cut out shapes before you heat it, as I've done below. Alternatively you can leave it as a basic shape such as a square for a card background.

If you do decide to have a go, don't forget you need to protect you work surface and hands etc with plastic and gloves as they are such intense colours they can even dye wood! (Which is handy if you are interested in making children's wooden toys!) If you are concerned about any colour coming off your work when finished don't forget you can spray with fixative (as you would when using chalks) or alternatively use varnish. For scrapbooking projects make sure you use an acid-free varnish.

I hope, whatever you do, you have fun being creative!

Fee x

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